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simple syrups for exquisite drinks


At Backyard Bev Co we specialize in crafting coffee syrups inspired by expert baristas and cocktail syrups fueled by creative mixologists. 

Easily create gourmet coffee drinks and craft cocktails at home that are made using 100% all-natural whole ingredients, organic pure cane sugar, sourced locally when possible. 

It's simple!

Simple Syrup is (by far) the most common sweetener used by bartenders crafting cocktails. To make a balanced cocktail, a little simple syrup is necessary!

The balance of sugar and sour in a cocktail allows your spirit to shine as the two slightly neutralize each other. Keeping Backyard cocktail syrups on your bar cart makes it SIMPLE to make perfectly balanced, gourmet cocktails every time! 

We’ve compiled some phenomenal recipes featuring our cocktail syrups and sparkling mixers.  With these recipes at your fingertips, you’ll be able to whip up tantalizing drinks and seamlessly return to the party!

Coffee syrups

Add flavor and sweetness to your morning cup!

Our new coffee syrups, (like our cocktail syrups) have nothing artificial, no ‘Natural Flavors” (what even is that?) artificial sweeteners, or coloring. 

We use pure cane sugar and ingredients that you know, so your morning coffee is all natural, like the roasted beans in your cup. 

We believe that the right syrup added to the right coffee-based drink can take your coffee drinking experience to a whole new level. 


Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your syrup.

  • Use with a SodaStream or Drinkmate

  • Pour over yogurt or ice cream

  • Add to coffee, cocoa and tea

  • Create vinaigrettes and marinades

  • Use in desserts, frostings and whipped cream

Syrup Reviews

Alex D.
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All three flavors were unique and delightful. I loved all of them. But the Mango Jalapeno was my favorite. I highly recommend these as a mocktail option or even as a casual beverage. Absolutely perfect for a hot day in Northern California.
Kathryn M.
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Decided to go with the mixed flavor pack since I’ve never tried them before. Absolutely loved all of the flavors, I was a little skeptical about the lavender lemon flavor just because I’m not a huge fan of lavender in my food/drinks, but it was subtle and very pleasant. These were definitely an experience. Shipped In a reasonable time, the price felt fair, and the ordering process was easy to navigate. Will absolutely order again, 10/10 recommend.
Robert R.
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Ginger-lime, Mango-jalapeno–best syrups for my margaritas. No one else comes close. The Lemon-lavender and Pomegranate are great syrups for gin and vodka as well as tequila.
Sarah M.
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Since, sadly, the sparkling mixer cans only go so far, we find the concentrated syrups more equal to our huge – and growing – obsession with these. Fantastic flavors, of course, and the flexibility to use them at variable strengths depending on individual tastes. We’re hooked.
Laurie M.
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Love this syrup. Great taste & a little goes a long way

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