About Backyard bev Co

Backyard Bev Co was started in Denver as Backyard Soda Co in 2018. We started in farmers markets and events around the city serving all natural, hand crafted sodas and snow cones.  We quickly expanded into the Rocky Mountain region on Whole Foods and local bars, restaurants and liquor stores.  In summer of 2021 we decided to pivot into the mixer category seeing that more people are drinking at home! Thanks Covid. 

With that being said, Backyard Bev Co provides a handcrafted all-natural solution to meet your cocktail needs. Our Colorado-sourced, full-spectrum CBD cocktail syrups and CBD mixers make it easy to create sophisticated craft cocktails at home in your backyard.  With our CBD products you get all the benefits that come from the cannabinoids found in hemp so you might even wake up more refreshed the next morning. We are a mixer with benefits! 

It’s the drink that allows you to have good times and good tomorrows. Nothing too fruity, too plain or too chemical-laden. Ready to be enjoyed at the base of a mountain, at a tailgate, at home, on a rooftop, or wherever your backyard may be.

How to drink Backyard beverages

We love using our all-natural cocktail syrups and CBD mixers for craft cocktails at home, but that’s not all they are good for.

  • Mix with your favorite spirit or champagne 
  • Drink it straight from the can!
  • Use with your Soda Stream or Drinkmate
  • Add to coffee, cocoa and tea
  • Create vinaigrettes and brines
  • Use in desserts, frostings and whipped cream

The Backyard promise

Part of connecting with others is also connecting with your community and the environment around you. Backyard Soda Co is committed to keeping our yard clean and we encourage you to help us do the same.

We promise to:

  • Make our products in small batches
  • Use whole ingredients, even when they’re more expensive
  • Source local products whenever possible
  • Only use full cane sugar, no artificial substitutes
  • Always use full-spectrum CBD with hemp from Colorado
  • Use minimal packaging and environmentally-friendly shipping whenever possible

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