Backyard Nirvana

Created by Mandy Darias of The Cooper Lounge

  • 2oz Espolón Blanco

  • 5oz Ancho Reyes Verde

  • .75oz mango simple syrup

  • .5oz fresh pineapple juice

  • .5oz fresh lime juice

  • .5oz cream of coconut

Blended for a yummy summertime slushee. topped with 3 oz of mango-jalapeño CBD soda

Fresh mango slice and pineapple leaves to garnish

Mango simple syrup- half a mango blended with a little bit of water then added to a pot with 1 cup water to 1 cup sugar boiled down. Strained to catch any mango pieces.


All-natural CBD sodas and syrups let you keep things fun without the regret. 

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