After It All Spritz

Updated: Jun 24

Created by Elise Kimmel from Halcyon and The L (coming soon to South Broadway)

2oz Raspberry Aperol (Blend 250ml Aperol with 4oz fresh raspberries. Fine strain.)

.5oz Backyard Soda Lavender-Lemon CBD Simple Syrup

.25oz Fresh Lemon Juice

2 dash orange bitters

2oz Backyard Soda Lavender-Lemon CBD Soda

2oz Soda Water

Combine Aperol, CBD Simple Syrup, Juice and Bitters in tin. Shake. Strain into wine glass filled with ice and soda water. Top with CBD soda. Garnish with fresh lavender, half orange wheel and 3 raspberries on pick. Enjoy!


All-natural CBD sodas and syrups let you keep things fun without the regret. 

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