Simple Backyard Pleasure

We remember our days in the backyard…days that were long, and full of fun, friends and drinks. We remember how much we looked forward to days in the backyard whether we were playing kickball, hanging out by the pool, making cocktails around the BBQ, or enjoying the peaceful sounds and smells of a place that was home.  


While we grew up in the Midwest, the backyard experience is the same everywhere…the deck, the beach, the campsite, or the roof garden…it all revolves around relaxing with friends, family or just having a little time to ourselves.


Backyard Soda Co.began as a soda cart on the streets and backyards of Denver, slinging sodas, flavored teas, snow-cones and slushies made with our syrups.  We developed a strong following which encouraged us to bottle our simple syrups so that people could enjoy and share our unique flavors at home with their friends at their own backyard gatherings.


As we grew up, and started to learn more about the hemp plant and the incredible things full spectrum hemp plant extract was being used for, we started to try it in our drinks at home and at parties with friends.  We found we felt better, slept better, and we were more relaxed…evoking feelings we had in our backyards. 


However, dropping the full spectrum hemp extract oil into a drink and mixing it around wasn’t really convenient, nor at the heart of what we do here at Backyard Sodas.  At Backyard Soda Co., our philosophy is make gourmet drinks simple.  


Wherever your backyard may be.


All-natural CBD sodas and syrups let you keep things fun without the regret. 

The party doesn't stop here.

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