6 Things to Do in Your Backyard When You’re Stuck There

Make life a little easier while your social distancing during COVID-19

Here at Backyard Soda, we usually encourage people to gather with their friends, no matter where their backyard may be, but during this really weird time when you are not allowed to leave your backyard, here are some ways we’re trying to make staying at home a little better.

1. Listen to feel-good tunes

Obviously. But we’re making it easier for you by creating weekly playlists to give you variety and keep your spirits high. Follow us and listen in on Spotify.

Follow us on Spotify, we’ll post a new playlist each week.

2. Get your sweat or stretch on

Support our local Denver fitness studios many of which are offering complimentary online classes. We love Fitness in The City (all on their Instagram channel) , The River Yoga, The Rebel Workout, and Rino Yoga Social for their online offerings and their community vibes.

@fitnessinthecity gives their IG followers free sweat

3. Make everything come to you (duh)

Sure we are very familiar with Door Dash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats but don’t forget about companies like GoPuff who can bring you just about anything from Krazy Glue to EmergencC to “intimate toys”. As of the publish date for this there were still out of toilet paper though… but we’ll keep our eyes out.

4. Try out backyard-soda-serving restaurants

Get food delivered to your door from some of our local product-serving restaurants including The Pizza Pedal’r who has some creative pies including Yardsale (remember skiing?) and Ratchet (trust. Look them up.) Or try Carbon Café’s Wu Tang Tots or something lighter from South Broadway’s poki spot the Turtle Boat. Ask for Backyard Soda when you order and enjoy the ultimate comfort food and bev combo.

Pizza Pedal’r shows off the Yardsale Pizza on thier Facebook page.

5. Bust out the ‘ol playing cards

Remember those things? Take a damn break from the screen and entertain yourself with some good ol’ fashion solitaire or a game for two. Can’t remember how to play? Go here to re-educate yourself on one-player games. It’s the ultimate backyard activity and we’re pretty sure they’re still in stock at most stores (don’t quote us on that)


6. Make a creative mocktail or cocktail

Choose from Backyard Sodas’ cbd-infused or non-infused mixers to make a simple drink that’s still creative but not complicated. Our CBD sodas and syrups have 15mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving giving you all the benefits that come with CBD. Drink the soda straight out of the can or try one of our many recipes. We’re offering no-contact delivery and you get $10 off your first order. Shop now.

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